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Bug#340007: Patch for this bug available

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 13 November 2006 12:31, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Scrolling to the default choice *after* the treeview is realized fixes
this bug (which is hence not due to gtkdfb libraries), patch is

The patch looks good, but has one rough edge: you see the frontend "jump" to the default choice. It looks like the list is first displayed with the top of the list displayed, and only then it jumps to the default and the display is refreshed.

Would it be possible to not do the first display so that the correct part of the list is displayed immediately and the "jump effect" is avoided?

This is a minor improvement though. If fixing this is not possible or too invasive I'm happy to go with the current patch for etch.

ATM i don't see any definitive solution to this , but i have a small workaround: what about selecting default line and then scrolling instead of scrolling and then select default line (as it is now)? User would perceive only scrolling effect, instead of scrolling + line selection.



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