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Bug#397901: installation-report: installation report

On Fri, November 10, 2006 15:28, Thomas Hühn said:
> David Härdeman wrote:
>> On Fri, November 10, 2006 12:02, Thomas Hühn said:
>>> - I was surprised to see crypto support in the partitioning phase.
>>> First
>>>   I thought Debian now supports encrypted partitions for the system in
>>>   the installer (encrypt partitions except /boot), but obviously I was
>>>   wrong. :-/
>>>   That would be a wishlist item for me, though.
>> I'm not sure I understand this wishlist item actually. When you get to
>> the
>> partitioning step of the installer, on the first screen, you should have
>> an option named "Automatically install using lvm and crypto" or
>> something
>> like that (can't check the exact naming right now). If you choose that
>> option, it will automatically partition the harddrive using a regular
>> boot
>> partition and encrypted LVM devices for the rest.
>> Is this not what you requested?
> Yes, it seems so. Does "Automatically" mean that I can't influence the
> size of the partitions? That's probably why I chose the manual option.

It'll do a setup for you, but you can still delete some of the LVM LV's if
you don't like the setup and create new ones (it will however wipe the
current config off the HD, so don't do it if you have precious data on

> And after that I could define partitions as "crypto volume" or something
> like that, but I couldn't give it a file system and mount point.

After you've setup one or more crypto volumes, you need to select the
"Configure encrypted volumes" option at the top of the manual partitioning
screen...after that you'll have a couple of new virtual partitions which
are the encrypted partitions which you can setup with file systems and
mount points.

David Härdeman

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