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Re: Weekly CD builds for D-I RC1?

Op 06-11-2006 om 07:12 schreef Christian Perrier:
> > Updated release planning
> > ========================
> > I will be traveling most of 5 and 6 Nov, so that will influence the 
> > release schedule somewhat.
> > 
> >  2   Nov  Final build and upload of d-i
> >  3   Nov  Switch links for daily CD images to etch_d-i
> >  3-5 Nov  Final testing using other and daily CD images
> >  4/5 Nov  Weekly full CD build
> As Frans left yesterday for travelling and will have a less permanent
> connection next days (he may briefly show up today, though), I feel my
> duty to ask as early as possible:
> Did this weekly CD build succeed as expected?

The "weekly" build that I yesterdag (sunday) fetched,
did boot and made an identifiable DHCP request  :-)

> debian-installer migrated to testing as expected, which seems OK;
> If the weekly CD build is OK, we should probably call for more testing
> focused on it.....

When the debian-cd actually say it is okay,
then it is worth to announce Etch RC1 on debian-announce.


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