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Re: Creating a bootable CD for a RS/6000 PReP machine

asdf wrote:
What is the procedure for creating a bootable debian-installer netinst
CD, to boot on a RS/6000 43P Model 140?

I tried to burn the PowerPC netinst.iso image as I normally do for my
i386 installs, but the system doesn't boot from the CD.

I own a 43p/140 too where woody is currently installed.
I tried booting from cdrom too, but i never succeded in this, pheraps because my old ibm scsi cdrom readed cannot read homemade cdroms?

Some detailed instructions on how to go about creating bootable CD for
this RS/6000 system would be appreciated.

Why don't you try netbooting? this should work, even if i never tested this myself. When i installaed woody on my 43p/140 some years ago i used floppies and a serial console: i guess this should work for sarge (and etch?) too.



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