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Bug#396071: segfaults when attempting to take a screenshot while wget is running

Frans Pop wrote:
reassign 396071 cdebconf-gtk-udeb

On Sunday 29 October 2006 17:23, Robert Millan wrote:

If you hit the Screenshot button while wget is fetching [1] your
mirror's Release file, d-i will segfault.  Inmediately after that, you
see [2], and after a console switch, the d-i logs [3].

Known issue and the reason why the screenshot button is disabled when a progress bar is running.
Apparently we are disabling the screenshot button too late here.

Reassigning to cdebconf-gtk-udeb as that is what causes the crash, and it would be good to investigate the actual cause of the crash and seeing if we can solve that. Disabling the button was only a workaround.

Note that in the mean time we may need to fix this in choose-mirror after all by displaying a progress bar at this point.

Accessing the GdkWindow by a thread while the window is being updated by another thread in the gtk_main_loop() causes crashes, and this is the reason why i made the screenshot button disappear during a progress_xxx() call, in fact past experiments aimed at gaining exclusive access to the gdkwidow led to deadlocks between threads. Robert, did you press the button before the progressbar was displayed or were you able to press it while the progressbar was running?
In a similar BR (#389088), Cristoph Haas wrote

>I just tried it again and it seems to have been a timing issue. After
>pressing the "Next" button the "Screenshot" button is still available >for
>about a second. If I click on the "Screenshot" button very quickly then
>the installer (component) segfault. Before the actual partitioning >happens
>the "Screenshot" button gets deactivated. So I think we can blame it on
>the timing

Since these two bugs are very similar, i'm going to merge them; tomorrow i'll look for a fix for this bug.



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