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Bug#393795: installation-report: PowerMac G4

The other problem was the configuration of xserver-xorg (I agreed to
install Desktop task). It kept asking and asking the sam question of
what video modes I would like to use, from 640x40 to 1900x.... Whatever
I chose (all/nothing/different sensible subsets in lower resolutions)
it asked the same question again, and choosing the back button also
asked it again. The only way was to kill it from another terminal.
Second time it could configure itself fine.

I've seen this mentioned before. IMO it is an important issue.
Could you please check if this is resolved or still present in the version
of X currently in unstable? This should be possible by installing in

Installed etch without desktop task, upgraded to unstable & 2.6.18-1-powerpc by hand. Ran tasksel, selected desktop, xserver-xorg asked the resolution question only once and then worked fine. So this too seems to be fixed in unstable.

Meelis Roos (mroos@linux.ee)

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