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Re: [Pkg-kbd-devel] Why console-setup is not migrating to testing

On Sun, Oct 22, 2006 at 08:52:35AM +0200, Christian Perrier wrote:
> However, this can work only if you commit yourself to participate
> actively in D-I development. We desperately lack competences in
> console handling stuff in the team and Denis having left Debian
> doesn't help on that matter.

Consider me actively participating upstream for console-setup.  
However regardless of whether I will be able to participate actively in
the d-i development or not, I'd prefer to see other developers
willing to participate in the maintenance of the udebs before
they are used by d-i by default.  This shouldn't be a difficult task
because in these udebs there are no more than 10 program lines that do
not exist in the regular packages console-setup or console-setup-mini.

On the other hand for currently unsupported languages it would be
nice to use console-setup even for etch.  The required changes in
localechooser are extremely simple.  If the locale is unsupported on the
console then:

   1. install console-setup
   2. unset the debconf value of debian-installer/keymap (otherwise the
question for the keyboard layout will be asked only with medium priority).

Instead of unsetting debian-installer/keymap you can implement some
other way to tell console-setup that the question has to be asked with
higher priority.

Anton Zinoviev

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