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Bug#394486: installation-reports: Touchpad not working on TM4002

Package: installation-reports
Severity: normal

Package: installation-reports

Boot method: CD
Image version: http://cdimage.debian.org/cdimage/daily-builds/daily/arch-latest/i386/iso-cd/debian-testing-i386-netinst.iso (built on 2006-10-21 04:39)
Date: 21 oct 2006 09:00 CEST

Machine: Acer TravelMate4002WLCi
                                  cfdisk 2.12r

                              Disk Drive: /dev/hda
                        Size: 40007761920 bytes, 40.0 GB
              Heads: 255   Sectors per Track: 63   Cylinders: 4864

    Name        Flags      Part Type  FS Type          [Label]        Size (MB)
    hda1                    Primary   Compaq diagnostics                3150,29
    hda2        Boot        Primary   NTFS             []               9541,33
    hda5                    Logical   W95 FAT32                         2155,03
    hda6                    Logical   Linux ext3       [/]              6999,72
    hda7                    Logical   Linux swap / Solaris               509,97
    hda8                    Logical   Linux ext3                       10001,95
    hda9                    Logical   Linux ext3       [/]              5000,98
    hda10                   Logical   Linux swap / Solaris               501,75
    hda11                   Logical   Linux ext2                        1003,49
    hda12                   Logical   Linux ReiserFS                    1143,32

The root file system for the new installed system is mounted on hda12

Base System Installation Checklist:
[O] = OK, [E] = Error (please elaborate below), [ ] = didn't try it

Initial boot:           [O]
Detect network card:    [O]
Configure network:      [O]
Detect CD:              [O]
Load installer modules: [O]
Detect hard drives:     [O]
Partition hard drives:  [O]
Install base system:    [O]
Clock/timezone setup:   [O]
User/password setup:    [O]
Install tasks:          [O]
Install boot loader:    [ ]
Overall install:        [O]


Installation (installgui) completed successfully by using Tab/Cursor/Enter keys because the mouse pointer disappears immediately as soon as I touch the touchpad

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