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Bug#394437: partman-lvm -- confusing wording on the main lvm screen

Package: partman-lvm
Severity: minor

On the main partman-lvm screen there is a quick summary in the form

  Template: partman-lvm/mainmenu
  Type: select
  Choices: ${CHOICES}
  _Description: LVM configuration action:
   Summary of current LVM configuration:
    Free Physical Volumes:  ${FREE_PVS}
    Used Physical Volumes:  ${USED_PVS}
    Volume Groups:          ${VGS}
    Logical Volumes:        ${LVS}

The line "Used Physical Volumes: ${USED_PVS}" does not display only
physical volumes already used in volume groups, but *all* PVs instead.

I think the wording should be changed to "Total Physical Volumes:" or
just "Physical Volumes:".

The other alternative is to change the variable to display the number
of PVs used in VGs ($TOTAL_PVS - $FREE_PVS).

Miroslav Kure

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