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Bug#393966: tasksel: language task doesn't install

severity 393366 serious

Quoting Andrew Lee (andrew@linux.org.tw):
> Package: tasksel
> Version: 2.57
> Severity: normal
> tasksel maintainers,
> I tested the daily-builds d-i(20061018) and found tasksel don't let me
> choose language tasks and also didn't install language task automaticly.
> I booted from sid_d-i 20061018, choose language zh_TW and then checked
> desktop enviroment in tasksel. After it finished downloading, the gdm 
> shows up, and then I loged in, I saw a ugly desktop enviromant. 
> I checked that with 'dpkg -l', and found it didn't install any package
> in chinese-t-dekstop task.

If that bug is confirmed, it is definitely release critical.

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