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Bug#392897: ntfsresize error is ignored, confusing the user

severity 392897 minor
retitle 392897 Error handling for resize operations needs improvement

On Saturday 14 October 2006 06:00, Carl Fink wrote:
> I suspect you don't have a routine to trap that particular error
> message, so it just gets ignored.  It should instead be passed along to
> the user, because it's important.

Thanks for your report.

Yes, that was not being handled very gracefully, although the output from 
ntfsresize can be checked in the syslog.
I've improved the error checking a bit and those changes will be available 
in daily images within the next few days. The user should now at least 
get a red screen with a message that resizing is not possible and will be 
pointed to the syslog.

There should also be a better distinction between different causes of 
errors. Error checking for resize operations in general could be improved 
a lot; for many operations it is currently just assumed they will 


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