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Re: Recommend to tag #380226 "etch-ignore"; #379835 downgraded to important

On Thursday 12 October 2006 07:59, Frans Pop wrote:
> I have today uploaded a version of partman-partitioning that includes a
> check for NTFS 3.1 partitions and refuses to resize in that case;
> earlier NTFS partitions (NT, XP, 2000) should still be resizable.
> As partman is now "safe" I am downgrading #379835 to important.


After the report that Windows XP also uses NTFS 3.1, I have expanded the 
check I've used and it should now be possible again to resize XP 
partitions using the installer. Vista partitions are still blocked.

Note that this means that only a partitions holding Vista itself is 
blocked, not any separate NTFS data partitions...

An possible additional check would be to see if the partition is correctly 
alligned on a cylinder, but programming that is beyond me ATM.


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