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Bug#379835: Recommend to tag #380226 "etch-ignore"; #379835 downgraded to important

severity 379835 important

There are currently three RC bugs open related to the resizing of NTFS 3.1 
partitions as created by Windows Vista.

- #379628: ntfsresize - upstream bug, but disputed; I can reproduce it
           reliably though; needs confirmation by someone else
- #380226: libparted - clear issue, recently further traced during BSP in
           Utrecht; needs attention from Debian maintainer and upstream
- #379835: partman - no bug in partman itself, but the result of the two
           listed above (blocked by both)

I have today uploaded a version of partman-partitioning that includes a 
check for NTFS 3.1 partitions and refuses to resize in that case; earlier 
NTFS partitions (NT, XP, 2000) should still be resizable.
As partman is now "safe" I am downgrading #379835 to important.

For #380226 I recommend tagging it 'etch-ignore'. 
The reason I think it's safe to do that is that it may only manifest 
itself in the installer. I'm unsure where else and how libparted is used 
I have tried resizing an NTFS 3.1 partition using parted, and that 
correctly left the starting partition unchanged, so parted is unaffected.

IMO #379628 should not be ignored for Etch and it would be nice if someone 
else would try to either reproduce the bug or prove me wrong. There is 
plenty of information in the BR for that. Without a working ntfsresize, 
resizing NTFS 3.1 partitions is a no-op anyway.


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