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Bug#393179: [l10n]: bad french translation in two screen titles

> I installed Etch beta3 in french with the "install" method (not
> installgui).
> I found two bad french translations:
> * "Choose language" screen:
>  - the title is not translated in french.

That is somewhat impossible to achieve. By debconf construction,
dialog window titles are set at the beginning of the postinst script
that is run. When you run localechooser for the first time, the
language is not set yet and, obviously, the title is the package
description in English.

When you run it a second time, the dialog title is really "Choisir la
langue / Choose language" (keeping English is on purpose in case
someone chooses the wrong language by mistake).

> * "Select a keyboard layout" screen:
>  - the french trranslated title is too long, the two last caracters are
>    not showed (Sarge installer have also the same bug).

This has been corrected since beta3 (this was not a bug in the
translation, this was a bug in the debcofn backend).

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