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Re: miboot net-install floppies too big

Op 07-10-2006 om 12:33 schreef rob rob:
> Hi,
> well to be honest that was a typo, I actually have no idea about 
> bootloaders and meant to say, number 3, that I would like to help whoever 
> is working on the boot floppies to fix the problem. I never was good at 
> multiple choice.
> Anyways, I managed to mount the floppies after having considerable 
> difficulties finding out that they are cramfs. I saw that there are 
> firewire modules in there. Is that really necessary. I mean as far as I can 
> remember no old world macs had firewire built in. You could of course 
> install a pci card but is anyone out there really using that to get in the 
> net? My suggestion is to get rid of firewire support for netinstall.

Seems a reasonable size reduction to me ...

> However, during my investigations I also found following:
> http://people.debian.org/~wouter/d-i/powerpc-miboot/2006-09-16/build_powerpc_floppy_net-drivers.log
> Thats the last build of the net-install.img and it ends with an error. So 
> maybe the problem isn't only with the size. So my extremely intelligent 
> question is, well actually I don't have one, but maybe someone can say why 
> the image isn't being built properly.

says indeed only:

| BUILDING IMAGE FOR build_powerpc_floppy_net-drivers
| make[2]: `dest/powerpc/floppy/net-drivers.img' is up to date.

I would expect more output from a good build.

Would adding a `make clean` help?

Geert Stappers

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