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SVN login problem

We are facing some problem while using SVN through our DEBIAN ubuntu Breezy, we are not getting logged in using SVN.


1)  firstly we are not even getting login through the firefox, when we open
http://alioth.debian.org/account/login.php, and enter our user name and password, it gives us error that
                                     "alioth.debian.org is not found".
even that using Microsoft Windows, it logins successfully but not through debian.
          : we have also enabled cookies of the firefox browser
           using       Edit -> Preferences.

2) The actual problem that we are facing regarding SVN is that while logging in through Terminal it gives us the Error that looks like the above (that was through Firefox browser).

The error after the command
--> ssh svn.debian.org -l mylogin-guest "mkdir .ssh ; chmod 700 .ssh"


"ssh: svn.debian.org: Temporary failure in name resolution"

Now your little attention is required, Please tell us any clues regarding the
resolution of this problem, or give us the proper place to query this problem

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