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Re: Possible workaround to this bug

Loïc Minier wrote:
On Wed, Oct 11, 2006, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

With this mail i'm trying to investigate if using the clearlooks engine as default in the graphical debian-installer is a reasonable idea.

 Do you want me to upload a Gtk 2.10 with clearlooks?

 Would you need the strndup() and clearlooks in 2.8 right now?

(cc'ing d-boot as this is related to both gtk and d-i)

As frans said [1], we're going with GTK 2.8.20 for Etch, so i guess we should upload a GTK 2.8.20 with clearlooks: Loic, is this possible / advisable? I see that the only clearlooks engine, stripped, is ~ 80 KB big, and the theme is ~60KB big, where 40 KB are for the metacity theme. As we don't need no window manager, would it be possible not including that metacity theme inside the package? This way, the Clearlooks stuff would be only ~100KB big, and if we really desire save up more space, we could even remove the libpixmap engine, which is ~30KB big (but if it's possible i would libpixmap in place for future use). About backporting the g_strdup() bug (which doesn't apper in GTK 2.8 but only in GTK 2.10), we should more generally decide wheter or not backport other possible fixes that actually give no benefit to the g-i. Anyway, if you decide to backport this fix, it's harmless (at worst we'll leak some bytes). I really suggest including the clearlooks engine into the gtkdfb udeb right now, test it and make sure it works correctly in the case this bugs couldn't be fixed in time for RC1.



[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/10/msg00358.html

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