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Bug#392285: partman-crypto: Fails to cause cryptomount to be loaded

Package: partman-crypto
Severity: normal


I was installing in a VM, and did manual partitioning to try loop-aes.

I had the first partition for / unencrypted, then two partitions, a
random key for swap, and a GPG encrypted key for /home. I used
twofish128 for minimum impact while testing. The install went
fine, until I rebooted.

I was asked for my passphrase, and when I entered it I was told /home
couldn't be mounted. The following message accompanied it.

  LOOP_SET_STATUS: Invalid argument, requested cipher or key length (128
  bits) not supported by kernel.

I googled the error, and found a message written by Max indicating that
another module was needed. I modprobed cryptoloop, and it changed the
error message. So it seems like some magic chould be done to load this
module at boot time.

And now starts what I think is a second bug report, but I am not sure,
please clone if it is indeed.

After adding cryptoloop I get the error message

  LOOP_MULTI_KEY_SETUP_V3: Invalid argument

#318944 suggests this is because a v3 key was used with a v2 module, but
I have a v3 module installed. 

Apologies if I am doing something stupid here, please punish me if I am.

Also I don't know what version I am supposed to put for these, but I am
using the daily image downloaded 8th October, and installed the day
after. I have loop-aes-2.6.16-2-686 3.1d+3+3 installed by the installer.


[P.S. any area you would like me to test while I am playing about with
the installer?]

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