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Bug#392259: Installation report: SATA CD-rom problem

On Wednesday 11 October 2006 00:31, Johan Sporre wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> Had the known problem with SATA CD-rom. Tried the workaround of
> "install libata.apati_enabled=1" at the first prompt. Unsuccesful with
> detecting and mounting CD-rom.

Please provide the output of '(lspci; lspci -n) | sort)'.

Can you check the output of 'dmesg'? Is there any mention of your CD Drive 
and the controller it is connected to being recognized?

You can execute these command after switching to VT2 using alt-F2.

> Next try I wrote "expert install libata.apati_enabled=1" in the prompt.
> Got into expert mode and could deselect the drivers I didn't want to
> install right now (all except ide-generic, ide-cd and isofs). After
> installing those I got a complaint that more drivers were needed for
> the hardware, the drivers being ide-mod, ide-probe-mod, ide-floppy.
> These are drivers that weren't even selectable in the table of drivers.

These are only warnings and harmless.

> Is the problem that I haven't got all needed drivers on the CD-image?

Maybe. We need the lspci output to determine that.

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