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Bug#391071: partman-auto-crypto: No confirmation before hard-drive wiping

On Thu, October 5, 2006 2:07, Frans Pop said:
> I personally would prefer to consistently delay disk selection to a second
> level in _all_ cases and explain what the next step will be in the
> description; something like:
> <example>
>  Automatic - use the largest continuous free space
>  Automatic - erase entire disk
>  Automatic - erase entire disk and set up LVM
>  Automatic - erase entire disk and set up encrypted LVM
>  Manual
> </example>

Strange, it sounds familiar...oh yes...it's what I've been suggesting all
along [1]. So I think its safe to say that we fully agree.

I can whip up a patch or two once I have confirmation that this is the
final decision on this issue.

> This may need to be revised again when we can offer RAID1, but that
> depends on the implementation and could probably be solved by mentioning
> that option in the description.

In which way would the scheme need to change for RAID1?

> It would probably be a could idea to repeat the fact that existing data
> will be erased after selecting a method that does and we need to add an
> extra confirmation dialog before the partition table is written when
> using LVM anyway (see #368633).


> BTW. I also noticed that with "Use the largest continuous free space"
> there is currently no indication of what disk will actually be used or
> how big the free space is. It is of course kind of implied (whichever
> disk has the largest free space), but IMO it would be kind of nice to
> tell the user before it is done.

Perhaps we should add the "select disk" dialogue to the "Use the largest
continuous free space" choice as well...with the modification that we only
present disks with free space?

David Härdeman

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/08/msg00854.html

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