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[g-i] Issues with directfb input devices handling


I just completed a preliminary survey [1] about graphical debian-installer usability on PPC machines and it turned out that there are two distinct kinds of issues that currently block PPC users from using the g-i.

*Graphical issues: PPC testers always report crashes when hw acceleration iss enabled, but luckily such crashes can be easily avoided by disabling hardware acceleration and chip-specific modules, or better by removing gfxdrivers them from the filesystem. So, even if not optimal, disabling hw acceleration does the trick and we can live well.

*Input devices issues: In many cases it turned out that the key to get DFB running on PPCs is disabling the linux_input module. Whenever a success was reported (except for PowerBook6,7 IBook's), it was because the linux_input module was disabled. We also noticed that many i386 laptop touchpads do not to work properly when the linux_input module is enabled, and hence the user has to plug in an USB mouse to use the installer.
Also, i noticed that, after reloading the keymap with

dfb_input_device_reload_keymap( dfb_input_device_at( DIDID_KEYBOARD ) );

with a MiniMac, the keymap ended totally messed up, and this is an even severe issue that mouse one.

A reasonable configuration for directfbrc seems to be


and this could be a temporary workaround to all our issues.
A fix for those issues is needed, as Etch release date is getting closer every day.
Do you DFB guys have any idea about how to fix this sort of issues?
The most important thing is of course getting input devices working properly.



[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianInstaller/GUIToDo

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