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Entering parameters at the boot prompt

(from a discussion in -devel)

> The hint to non US keyboard is *very* important.  I would love if
> *every* string a user (not a hacker) has to type at the boot prompt
> would work on *any* keybord according to its marking, which means only
> letters (no =_/ etc.) are allowed.  A "-" might work on the numeric

....and no "a" "z" "y" "q" "w" "m" which are, IIRC the most commonly
relocated keys for ASCII characters on the weird localized

This is currently one of the minor drawbacks of the choice of
"install", "installgui"....

/me wonders, thinking out loud, whether we could establish "instqll"
and "instqllgui" as "allowed" alternatives.

CC'ing -boot....

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