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Re: Proposal to remove gfxdrivers directory from libdirectfb udeb

Guillem Jover wrote:

On Tue, 2006-09-26 at 15:21:51 +0200, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

Yesterday i posted [1] on directfb-user to get help about crashes we experience with PPC machines, and Claudio Ciccani suggested to remove the gfxdrivers directory to disable device initialization by chip-specific modules.

It would be nice to get that kind of problem as bug reports on the
directfb package as well.

I agree, but we historically reported bugs related somehow to the g-i on cdebconf-gtk-udeb to collect everything togheter. Right now bugs #342053, #373253 and #375402 are assigned to cdebconf-gtk-udeb, but are related strictly to DFB. What about assigning such kind of bugs (due to DFB but affecting the g-i) to both cdebconf-gtk-udeb and directfb ?

This not only should give us better reliability, but should also allow us to save ~500KB in the ISO. Would it be possible removing the gfxdrivers directory from the udeb and preserving it in the regular deb?

It's enterely possible if it's causing problems right now and if the
d-i team agree with that, but wouls be way better to be able to fix
those crashes instead (you may want to remove the graphic modules
anyway to save space on the udeb, though).

Preventing crashes is our primary target, but also saving up space would be nice. Preliminary test made by PPC users showed that on a standard Debian system disabling/removing gfxdrivers makes GTKDFB work flawless, so this may be useful for standard debs too.



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