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Bug#389456: p-a-c: Fails to configure encrypted volumes

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 01:02:02PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
On Tuesday 26 September 2006 09:51, Frans Pop wrote:
Also, if loading modules can result in new devices, update-dev (from
di-utils) needs to be called.
Again, grep in hwdetect for examples.

Adding a 'depmod -a' does fix the problem.

Ok, I've fixed this in p-a-c. update-dev is not necessary since the crypto modules create no devices.

Note that there is this issue too.
As I've said earlier in this BR, anna-install will likely not return an error if not all dependencies can be met (my logs attached earlier confirm this), so this needs to be checked in a different way.

The on-demand-loaded packages are (from your previous mail):

- cdebconf-newt-entropy
- crypto-modules-$kvers
- cryptsetup-udeb
- dmsetup-udeb
- libpopt0-udeb
- partman-crypto-dm

cryptsetup and dmsetup are checked in crypto_check_required_tools

partman-crypto-dm is the argument to anna-install and I'd assume that anna-install returns an error if the primary target is not downloaded correctly

crypto-modules-$kvers is checked in crypto_load_modules

crypto_load_modules and crypto_check_required_tools are called from crypto_prepare_method which is called from p-a-c and partman-crypto where appropriate

This leaves libpopt0 and cdebconf-newt-entropy

I've committed a preliminary test for the presence of those two libs to crypto_check_required_tools.

(the above mentioned crypto_* methods are all in crypto_tools.sh from partman-crypto)

David Härdeman

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