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Bug#389456: p-a-c: Fails to configure encrypted volumes

On Tue, September 26, 2006 3:44, Frans Pop said:
> Although the log does not show which udebs were actually installed,
> after the failure /var/lib/dpkg shows the following packages installed
> (probably newly installed as they are at the bottom of the file):
> - cdebconf-newt-entropy
> - crypto-modules-$kvers
> - cryptsetup-udeb
> - dmsetup-udeb
> - libpopt0-udeb
> - partman-crypto-dm
> So it looks to me like dependencies were correctly pulled in?
> (libdevmapper1.02-udeb was of course already installed)

Hmmm...random idea of the day (which I can't test right now):

Using a crypto means that device-mapper calls crypto_alloc_tfm -->
crypto_alg_mod_lookup --> try_then_request_module --> request_module,
which does a modprobe of a module with the same name as the crypto.

Perhaps "depmod -ae" needs to be executed after the crypto-modules-$kvers
module has been downloaded and unpacked?

David Härdeman

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