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Bug#389493: Bugs na instalação do debian

> Debian-installer-version: 08-06-2006 - ftp.br.debian.org

Do you have more details about the way you got this one ? We don't
even know whether this is a sarge installation image or one of the
dvelopment versions of Debian Installer.

> Machine: Intel
> Processor: Pentium 4 HT 3.2Ghz
> Memory: 512 DDR2
> Root Device: 80Gb SATA
> Root Size/partition table:

> When I try install the system, the linux can?t partition hard drives.

If this was a sarge image, you maybe went into one of the various SATA
support problem we had in sarge. In such case, you might need to test
the development versions of Debian Installer which you'll find at

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