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Re: [D-I] mass kernel udeb update and preparations for RC1

On 9/22/06, Frans Pop <elendil@planet.nl> wrote:
(Reply-to set to debian-boot; please only add relevant port if needed.)

/me wonders why there have been almost no reactions to this mail
The first part is mostly information (though a "cool" or "thanks" would be
appreciated), but the second part has some issues that need attention.

Have D-I porters actually read the mail?
Is it useful that I send such mails at all?

I read the mail, sorry, I'm not a porter, Of course I must say
"THANKS" I'm a 64 bit user.


On Sunday 17 September 2006 14:28, Frans Pop wrote:
> Dear (d-i) porters,
> First mass upload of kernel udebs
> =================================
> Today I have uploaded kernel udeb updates to 2.6.17-9 _for all arches_.
> This is the first time using the 'massbuild' [1] script I wrote
> recently.
> Effectively this means that d-i porters won't really have to worry
> anymore about updating kernel udebs after uploads by the kernel team.
> Only if the kernel major/minor changes will I request porters to do the
> upload themselves. For stable releases (including ABI changes) I intend
> to do these mass builds and do the uploads myself.
> Hopefully this will help the speed with which kernel udebs are updated
> and allow you all to spend more time testing d-i ;-)
> Of course porters are still responsible for maintaining which modules
> will be included for each arch/flavor. If you have changes between
> kernel major/minor releases you can either commit them and upload, or
> commit them as UNRELEASED and they will be automatically included in
> the next mass build.
> The massbuild script can be used for single-arch builds too. Its main
> advantage is that kernel images don't need to be installed and the
> certainty that the correct kernel version will be used. Feel free to
> contact me to help you get started.
> Some comments on today's upload:
> - I have used the last released version of kernel-wedge and will
> normally do that in the future too
> - I have not really checked or tested the udebs [2], so there could be
>   some surprises; please be alert for them
> - m68k: I had to update the dependencies from kernel-image to
> linux-image
> The road to RC1
> ===============
> We are slowly moving towards RC1. I plan to post an initial planning
> later this week.
> As we get closer to Etch, testing the installer for all arches gets to
> be more important. Any time you can spend on that is very much
> appreciated.
> There are some issues that need attention:
> * type of initrd used
>   Some arches have already switched to using initramfs for d-i initrds,
>   other arches are still using cramfs or ext2. Please check if a change
>   could/should be made for your architecture.
> * 2.4 support now officially dropped
>   Starting with RC1 d-i will no longer support 2.4 based installations.
>   All arches have been switched now and some cleanup has been started;
>   more cleanup is expected and this may cause unexpected breakage.
> * support for non-devfs device names
>   Colin Watson has committed a series of changes to make d-i support
>   non-devfs device names. We will be slowly moving away from using
>   devfs names, but the most intrusive work will be postponed until
>   after Etch. Please check for unexpected breakage though.
> * partman-auto using LVM and crypto
>   partman-auto-lvm now has been available for some time, but is still
>   not available for all arches. LVM support is a prerequisite for
>   partman-auto-crypto support which will be uploaded soon.
>   Note: swap on LVM should be possible now and is even required for
>   partman-auto-crypto.
>   If you would like to add support for it, please see [3]. Feel free
>   to contact me or David Härdeman (Alphix) for help.
> * mips: keyboard issues
>   We've had a report about a dead keyboard on installation (#382983).
>   This needs to be investigated.
> * powerpc: oldworld boot problems with recent kernels
> If there are other architecture specific issues that we should be aware
> of, please let me know.
> Cheers,
> [1]
> http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/d-i/people/fjp/massbuild?op=file&rev=0&sc=0
> [2] The script does have a number of sanity checks though.
> [3] http://lists.debian.org/debian-boot/2006/01/msg01054.html

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