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Re: how to control/override dev assigment 3ware and USB

Frans Pop wrote:
On Friday 22 September 2006 23:58, RParr wrote:
Any guidance would be most appreciated; especially any way to capture
the early boot messages; /etc/default/bootlogd enabling does not seem
to help.

Which kernel is being booted? If it is 2.6.16 the cause may be that your hardware needs 2.6.17. The daily images of the installer have already been using 2.6.17 for a while which could explain why you did not see any problems there.

The 2.6.17 kernel is now available in testing though.

To upgrade the kernel use the rescue mode of the installer, mount your root filesystem on target (the installer will ask you that) get into a chroot shell on /target and upgrade the kernel. You may have to mount proc inside the chroot.

Been there; done that.

Originally it was 2.6.16 but I got the same problem after upgrading (as you described) to 2.6.17.

Kubuntu installs fine and that uses 2.6.15

Knoppix runs fine and it is using 2.6.17

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