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Bug#387781: Install failed on SATA drive

reassign 387781 linux-2.6
retitle 387781 Missing support for VIA VT8237A SATA controller (1106:0591)

On Saturday 16 September 2006 18:33, Michael Burschik wrote:
> Boot method: CD
> Image version: Sarge 3.1r0a (i386), etch beta3 daily build (today,
> amd64) Date: 16 Sept 2006

> Comments/Problems:
> The installers were unable to detect a Samsung 160 GB SATA drive. I
> tried all SATA modules the installer offered, but none worked. Windows
> XP SP2 detected the drive and installed without a hitch.

That the Sarge installer did not work is not a great surprise as the Sarge
kernel has very limited SATA support.
I would have expected the Etch installer to work though.

00:0f.0 IDE interface: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8237A SATA 2-Port Controller (rev 80)
00:0f.0 0101: 1106:0591 (rev 80)

Thank you for for the lspci information. I cannot find your controller in
the modules.pcimap for 2.6.17 or 2.6.18, which explains why your disks are
not found.

Reassigning your report to the kernel team.

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