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Bug#388247: tasksel: strange entries in gnome-desktop

package: tasksel
version: 2.54
severity: minor


In the 'gnome-desktop' task in 'tasksel/tasks' there is a line which
explains that gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg and gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly should
be installed to "allow totem to play more formats". 

As far as I can see, totem-gstreamer is not installed. What gets
installed is totem-mozilla, which depends on totem, which depends on
either totem-xine or totem-gestreamer with the xine frontend being first
choice. Same for the dependencies of the gnome-desktop-environment

With totem-xine installed there is no need for the additional
gstreamer-plugins. If you want to install the totem-gstreamer package
instead, it should be installed explicitely and not via the
totem-mozilla or the gnome-desktop-environment dependencies.

However, if totem-gstreamer is the one you want to install, there is no
need for the libtheora0 package ("allow totem to play theora files" two
lines above), as this is automatically installed via totem-gstreamer's
dependencies on gstreamer0.10-base. For totem-xine it is not needed at

Thanks for your efford!

Nice Greetings,
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