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Bug#388035: boottime.kmap for Croatian has broken altgr+. and altgr+,

On Mon, Sep 18, 2006 at 10:36:16AM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> > Oddly enough, when I ran kbd-config after install and explicitly
> > selected qwertz/Croat, it fixed this problem. No idea how, since the
> > console-data file also has it broken (I just filed a separate bug
> > report about that, too.)
> If I understand you correctly you selected the Croation keymap and after 
> the reboot noticed the problem with the bindings?
> A patch for boottime.kmap makes no sense. boottime.kmap is just a copy of 
> whatever keymap was selected during installation. So, that you see the 
> same error in qwertz/Croat makes perfect sense. Indeed d-i uses udebs 
> generated with console-data as the source for keymaps.

Ah, so one copy came from a .deb, and the other from the .udeb. Gotcha.

> As you already filed a bug (I assume with the same patch) against 
> console-data and as the problem after installation should automatically 
> get solved when that is fixed, I am closing this bug report.

It's not actually the very same patch because the formatting of the file is
different, but the content is the same. Thanks.

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