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Bug#388035: boottime.kmap for Croatian has broken altgr+. and altgr+,

Package: install
Version: etch beta 3


I've no idea where to file this, so please reassign wherever necessary.

The console keymap installed when one installs from a etch beta netinst
CD has two broken keybindings, fixed by the attached patch.

Oddly enough, when I ran kbd-config after install and explicitly selected
qwertz/Croat, it fixed this problem. No idea how, since the console-data
file also has it broken (I just filed a separate bug report about that, too.)


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--- boottime.kmap.now	2006-09-18 11:47:38.000000000 +0200
+++ boottime.kmap	2006-09-18 11:48:04.000000000 +0200
@@ -81,9 +81,9 @@
 	alt	keycode  49 = Meta_n          
 keycode  50 = +m                +M                section          Control_m       
 	alt	keycode  50 = Meta_m          
-keycode  51 = comma            semicolon       
+keycode  51 = comma            semicolon        less            
 	alt	keycode  51 = Meta_comma      
-keycode  52 = period           colon            bar             
+keycode  52 = period           colon            greater         
 	alt	keycode  52 = Meta_period     
 keycode  53 = minus            underscore       slash            Delete           Control_underscore
 	alt	keycode  53 = Meta_minus      

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