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Re: grub2 on powerpc

Sven Luther <sven.luther@wanadoo.fr> writes:

>> As for tools not in Debian, you mean ofpathname?  Is the grub2
>> debian package usable at all without ofpathname? (I understand that
>> at least grub-install won't work, making d-i support impossible).
> ofpathname is part of the ibm-powerpc-utils package (not the same as the
> package currently in debian), and Aurelien Gerome is packaging it, since
> yaboot also needs it over the kind-of-broken ofpath found in the yaboot code,
> so this should be less an issue than you think.

While ofpathname uses sysfs, and supports a wider range of devices, it
doesn't support partitions on devices (needed by yaboot), and also has
a different output format than yaboot.  yaboot would need updating to
support it.  IMO ofpathname really does need fixing to support
partitions of devices.

$ /usr/sbin/ofpath /dev/hda

$ /home/rleigh/powerpc-utils-1.0.2/scripts/ofpathname /dev/hda

$ /usr/sbin/ofpath /dev/hda4

$ /home/rleigh/powerpc-utils-1.0.2/scripts/ofpathname /dev/hda4
/home/rleigh/powerpc-utils-1.0.2/scripts/ofpathname: line 237: cd: /sys/block/hda4: No such file or directory
ofpathname: Could not find sysfs information for logical
            device "/dev/hda4".


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