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Re: partman-auto menu reorg and default item

On Fri, September 15, 2006 6:07, Frans Pop said:
> - It seems like the menu has only been split into two levels for LVM and
> not for regular partitioning. IMO this is inconsistent.

My first round of patches split the regular partitioning into two levels
as well. After discussions on IRC, Colin and Joey suggested that I should
do it the way it is now...I could change it to two levels for all methods
if you want me to?

> - The device selection dialog is currently also shown when there is only
> one disk. I suggest leaving it like that for now so that users at least
> see how many disks have been detected and which one they are selecting.

That was indeed intentional as it gives a clear indication which disk is
going to be partitioned...

> - The dialog for removal of existing LVM volumes is also shown when doing
> regular partitioning (which seems correct), but is somewhat confusing in
> that case because it says "The selected device _already_ contains ...".
> The "already" does not make sense when you are not partitioning using LVM.

Sure, I can remove the "already" from the template

David Härdeman

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