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Bug#385926: Ultra10 Installation Report -- Success

On Monday 04 September 2006 03:40, Dave Barnett wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> The only thing that was frustrating was that I was forced to created a
> user account.  Probably acceptable [desirable, even] for a "normal"
> system, but this is a "for play" system, so being able to skip the
> "create a user account" screen.

Creating a user account can be skipped, but only if you run the 
installation at lower priority (which would result in more questions 
being asked).

> To get on with the installation, I tried going back [like to the menu
> -- couldn't get there], but I finally gave up trying and created a
> dummy account which I later deleted.

Hmm. You should be able to get back to the menu by using the <Go Back> 
button a few times. From exactly which dialog did this not work?

> I must say, I really liked using the new installer.  I had been unable
> to use previous installers, as the boot would never get past "Booting
> Linux..." with the 2.6 kernel CDs.  That may have been because of my
> system, I'm not sure.  I recently did a "STOP-N" to reset NVRAM, so
> that may have been the issue all along....
> I'm quite happy with how the process went.  Thanks for all the hard
> work!  :-)


> Oh, and since this is a "play system," I'm fairly open to doing a
> re-install.  If there are specific things you want tested, let

Doing some installs using daily built images and testing things like 
encrypted and LVM partitioning (and possibly RAID) would be excellent.
Some improvements in that area are in the pipeline and testing is very 
much welcome.

Also, running a test when a new release is being prepared of has been 
announced would be great.


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