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Bug#387381: Instllation Report for New Debian Installer on WinXP SP2 + VMware 5.5.1

> * The user interface for manual partitioning is much far from intuitive.
>   This may make those who have not experienced the console installer be
>   in trouble over understanding usage.

Very often mentioned problem which, however, will not have an
immediate solution as it either needs a full rewrite of partman.....or
the switch to a graphical partitioning tool.

> * Option for skipping creation of a normal user is wanted, because some
>   situations (e.g. users managed by LDAP or NIS) require no local users
>   to be created.

It exists but is only shown in expert installs.

> * It is strange for me that both 2.6.16-2-686 and 2.6-686 are presented
>   as choice for the kernel to be installed, since they seem exactly the
>   same (i.e. both are linux-image-2.6.16-2-686).

The question is asked only in expert installs. We want expert ppl to
be able to choose all avail kernels....and "2.6-686" is slightly
different s this is a virtual package.

> * It would be better if prompt is made to ask whether the user wants to
>   keep (or remove) apt-line for CD-ROM installation.

I'm not sure that I understand this one suggestion.

> * I think the hardware clock should be assumed to be set for local time
>   zone, not UTC, especially for a dual-boot system with Windows.

It is. The question shows up only in expert installs. In normal
installs, the default answer indeed depends, IIRC, on the detection of
Windows on the HD. If Windows is detected, the clock is *not* set to UTC.

> * It should be informed, in a way typical users can easily notice, that
>   the pciutils package is needed for the lspci command.  I had to spend
>   several minutes to find this issue in making this report.

The installer does provide a lspci command during the
install. However, you're right that the installed system does not have
pciutils installed....which may make installation reports more

This could maybe be documented in the install manual if not already

Thanks a lot for this very complete report which could lead to a few
issues assigned to relevant packages (though many of my answers are
actually like "this already exists but you don't see it").

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