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Bug#386752: cdebconf-gtk-udeb: Probably not enough memory allocated for string

Aike Reyer wrote:
Frans Pop wrote:

In the patch it would probably make sense to move the malloc inside the existing #if statement instead of using a separate one.

I'm not sure what kind of code is to be inserted for "TODO" right after
malloc(). So I kept them separate.

Hmm. General question...
How does GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2,8,0) work with 2.10 libs?
Looks like this check is currently used in 2 places.

According to gtkversion.h GTK_CHECK_VERSION(2,8,0) is true for all
versions >= 2.8.0.

Aike has spotted a bug that would have been difficult to catch, in fact this would have shown up only when booting in rescue mode and using recent (2.8.21) GTKDFB libraries. There are a couple of places in the GTK frontend where i check for GTK version, and this is because i once used to compile it against GTK 2.8/2.9 while 2.0.9 was used in the d-i. Now that d-i has switched to 2.8.x, there would be no longer need for version check: should i remove the version checks so that compiling the GTK frontend against old GTKDFB 2.0.9 will simply fail?


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