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Bug#386244: tasksel 'Desktop environment' task hangs

Chris Lale wrote:
> It is a netinst CD (100-150 MB)

I suspect you didn't have the CD in the drive when you were running
tasksel standalone. I've identified a case that can make it hang, if apt
wants something from the CD and it's not in the drive.

I'm unsure how this would happen when the installer is running. It could
happen if you managed to eject the CD in the midst of the install,
that's all I can think of.

I think I've fixed this in debconf 1.5.4, debconf-apt-progress will now
prompt for a CD in this situation. This won't actually fix your problem,
since the code in question doesn't use debconf-apt-progress yet. But
it's a first step.

Colin, I'd appreciate another pair of eyes on my changes. It seems to
work, but I remember you had some problem preventing you implementing
this before..

see shy jo

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