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Bug#386244: tasksel 'Desktop environment' task hangs

Chris Lale wrote:
> Selecting 'Desktop environment' (in Etch Testing) causes tasksel to 
> hang. (There is a flashing cursor at the bottom left-hand corner of the 
> console.) If 'Desktop
> environment' is selected from within the Etch beta-3 
> Debian-installer, the installation fails. I have replicated the problem 
> on a Thinkpad T20 laptop and on the PC detailed below using qemu.

I can't reproduce this in a clean sid chroot. I was able to run tasksel,
select the desktop task, and it downloaded all packages and installed
them to completion. We've also had reports of successful installs of the
taks from within the installer.

Are you possibly trying to use tasksel to install from a full CD?

To try to debug your problem, I'll probably need at least three things:

1. The last thing that appears on the screen before the hang.
2. 'ps fax' output of the system when tasksel is apparently hung
3. Full output of tasksel run with the environment variable DEBCONF_DEBUG=. 
   exported. This can be obtained as follows:

   DEBCONF_DEBUG=. tasksel 2>log

see shy jo

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