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Bug#386253: Eliminate the GRUB question?

My opinion about this request:

* split the bugreport in several BR. One against grub-installer,
  the other against the partitioning tools.
* Introduce a debconf flag "partitioning/erased_the_only_disk"
* Parted, partman and other set the flag if they erased the only in the
* Important is "the _only_ disk" because the computer could have two
  disks, each dedicated for an operating system. "erase whole disk"
  could be on the non booting disk.
* grub-installer checks on the partitioning/erased_the_only_disk flag
  to see if some questions can be avoided.

* If I recall correct:
    saying no on a grub question, allows installing lilo

Geert Stappers
An opinion is like an asshole, everybody has one.  --Dirty Harry

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