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Bug#386253: Eliminate the GRUB question?

Package: debian-installer
Version: etch beta3
Priority: wishlist


Just a quick idea: if the user tells the partitioner to erase and use the 
whole disk in installation, the question from the boot loader whether it 
should be put in the MBR could probably be omitted - d-i has control of the 
whole machine anyway, so no need to be friendly to other boot managers etc.

Never looked at the installer up close, so I have no idea how you'd pass the 
data through, but I think people not familiar with PC internals find that 
GRUB question one of the more confusing ones asked in a default 
installation: they have no idea what GRUB is, they don't know where the MBR 
is plugged into their computer and whether they'll have to rinse it after 
use etc.

-- vbi

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