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Bug#250471: still missing eth1 on Sparc64

On Mon, Aug 28, 2006 at 01:21:51PM +0200, Max Vozeler wrote:
> Hi Geert,

Hello Max,

> On Wed, May 26, 2004 at 11:23:11AM +0200, Geert Stappers wrote:
> > 
> > Not having eth1 is not good.
> Can you confirm whether eth1 is now detected correctly?

After install, with kernel 2.6.16-2-sparc64,
is only the onboard NIC, eth0, visible.
(FYI: during install was the onboard NIC eth1)

eth1 is still missing.

Digging deeper showed that the onboard NIC is eth0
and the Via-rhine is eth1, for both are modules loaded.
Which means that both NICs are detected.

Doing a reboot revealed
   changing net interface name eth1_temp to eth0: timeout

Connecting a serial cable and appending 'console=ttyS0,9600'
provided better information:
|sunhme.c:v2.02 8/24/03 David S. Miller (davem@redhat.com)
|eth0: HAPPY MEAL (PCI/CheerIO) 10/100BaseT Ethernet 08:00:20:a8:fc:fd
|hda: ST38420A, ATA DISK drive
|via-rhine.c:v1.10-LK1.2.0-2.6 June-10-2004 Written by Donald Becker
|ide0 at 0x1fe02c00000-0x1fe02c00007,0x1fe02c0000a on irq 4,7e0
|hdc: CRD-8322B, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM drive
|ide1 at 0x1fe02c00010-0x1fe02c00017,0x1fe02c0001a on irq 4,7e0 (shared with ide0)
|eth1: VIA Rhine III at 0x1fe02000400, 00:40:f4:8c:6f:10, IRQ 7254016.
|eth1: MII PHY found at address 1, status 0x786d advertising 05e1 Link 40a1.
|hda: max request size: 128KiB
|hda: 16841664 sectors (8622 MB) w/512KiB Cache, CHS=16708/16/63, (U)DMA
|hda: cache flushes not supported
| hda: hda1 hda2 hda3 hda4
|hdc: ATAPI 32X CD-ROM drive, 128kB Cache
|Uniform CD-ROM driver Revision: 3.20
|udevd-event[1478]: rename_net_if: error changing net interface name
|eth1_temp to eth0: timeout
|Begin: Mounting root file system... ...
|Begin: Running /scripts/local-top ...
|Begin: Running /scripts/local-premount ...
|kjournald starting.  Commit interval 5 seconds
|EXT3-fs: mounted filesystem with ordered data mode.
|Begin: Running /scripts/local-bottom ...
|Begin: Running /scripts/init-bottom ...
|Starting the hotplug events dispatcher: udevd.
|Synthesizing the initial hotplug events...done.
|Waiting for /dev to be fully populated...udevd-event[2549]:
|rename_net_if: error changing net interface name eth1_temp_temp to eth0:
|Will now activate swap.
|swapon on /dev/hda4

> I think it might be good to reassign to the kernel so it can be
> added to modules.pcimap.

I think it is now the interface renaming stuff in d-i that prevents eth1.

Geert Stappers

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