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Bug#360699: installation-reports: Installation on Sun Netra X1

hi guys,

i complete  the report about Installation on netra X1 but with last
weekly build from 20060828

installed from:

Network config issue
> That said, this won't be fixed for Sarge anymore and the installer for
> Etch no longer uses discover for hardware detection, but udev. I'd be
> interested to know how the Etch Beta 2 release deals with this NIC.

same problem, in etch.

dmfe and tulip are loaded together. Netra X1 network interfaces need
only tulip module.

and dmfe + tulip are always present after reboot in initrd.img

Reboot issue
same problem  in etch with silo 1.4.12.-2 on netra X1

After the installation, the system does not boot and returns the
following error message:

Illegal Instruction.
but the problem disapear with silo-1.4.9  and i can boot.

I confirm the poweroff, poweron cycle is needed to boot correctly.



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