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Re: non-free firmware and d-i

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> Since the most central point of disagreement seems to be around the need
> to support non-free firmware from the installation (whether by doing
> that through supporting the non-free repository, or by just dropping
> these firmware blobs in main, or whatnot), I'm trying to understand what
> is going on. Problem is, I don't see what the issues are, since I'm not
> /that/ comfortable with d-i development. Is there a detailed explanation
> somewhere?

Did you see my post on -vote about it? <20060823181559.GA1093@kitenet.net>

> I'll call "customization disks" for the time being: a low-priority d-i
> menu item (on the same level as the "start a shell" option) which, when
> activated, allows the user to load additional udebs from a floppy disk,
> a usb key, a CD-ROM disk, or whatever.

d-i already supports driver disks, see floppy-retriever and the code in
hw-detect to prompt for a driver floppy if necessary hardware is not

Even extending this to support USB and CDs does not cover all cases, my
outline in the post above includes some points where this approach will

see shy jo

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