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Bug#385768: installation-reports: Failed to reboot x86 SCSI system

> to be able to act as a true DHCP server. The main problem is that this
> is not the shipping default and thus joe users simply think that
> Debian cannot be installed on those ethernet modems. The other problem
> is that many users fear a bit to break the configuration of their modem.
> This is my case, I'm a bit reluctant to break my working connection :-\
> But I will try to install another distribution such as Mandriva to test
> how well it performs with this modem very present in France. This might
> give us some hints.

Well, I can place a safe bet that any other distro will have the same
problem. If it sees a DHCP server, it will use it...:-)

I don't really see what we could do as, just like you mentioned, the
only way to get that crappy thing work is first setting it up with a
web browser.

> Anyway as I said in 2004, I think that a little text part should be
> added somewhere stating that the Alcatel Ethernet Speedtouch does not
> work out of the box with Etch. I suggested that it should be in the

Anything that needs inital setup will not work with Etch or whatever

> As I said : "the system says that there isn't any SCSI bootable device".
> The reboot doesn't go further, nothing is loaded, no little trace of a
> first stage of GRUB or anything.

Then it doesn't even boot

> So I guess that the MBR wasn't written, as simple as that.
> "grep -i mbr /var/log/installer/*" returns nothing in case of writing
> to the mbr should be mentioned in the installer logs.
> How could I check the content of the MBR of the disk ? What command
> should I run ? Is it possible ?

No idea...:) Hopefully other people will be more helpful.

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