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Bug#380105: Show current hour in hardware clock question

> > There has been such kind of suggestion last weeks but it has been
> > ruled out. I guess that the rationale is mostly avoiding features that
> > are only available in some D-I flavours.
> Ruled out ? Oh well. ... Which explains the rather harsh reply of this
> question only being 'noise'.

Hey, Sven. Aren't you the one who very often insists on difficulties
faces by non-English speakers ? :-)

In the abve paragraph, what I intended to say is:

"Cette suggestion a déjà été fait dans les dernières semaines mais
elle a pour l'instant été écartée car nou spréférons en général éviter
les fonctionnalités disponibles seulement dans certaines versions de

So, I "translated" "écartée" (which is, in French, a quite non rude
word) by "ruled out"....which is indeed the *only* English expression
that comes to my mind o roughly express the same idea. It is very
possible that "rule out" is stronger than my real intent (anyway, I'm
not the one who "ruled this out").

So, please, don't put in my mouth the words you often seem to see in
other people's mouth.

What has been "ruled out" is a feature with a clock showing up in the
corner of the G-I screen (indeed something similar to the extra games
you discussed abut in January).

> > So, if a method to set the clock is offerred, it has to work for all
> > interfaces.
> Well, the .udeb could be common to everything, and the clock button could only
> be a shortcut to it.

That would be an interesting feature, yes.

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