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beta3 installer completely hung up


I tested the installer already several times without big problems,
but today I got it hanging with no chance to proceed.

Conceded, I did some very unusual things: to try something out
with different languages I entered the Change language dialog
very often and chose several languages and nations.

Then I proceeded as usual with german and came to a point where I
could not go any further. And the gui (main menu) was mixed up with
strings in english and german (translated). png attached. Normally
the whole main menu is translated. 

A look in the syslog file showed several "Out of memory".
But I have 256 MB ram on this machine!

Can this be correct? When repeating the change language dialog
several times, you can see free memory decreasing more and more ...

This only for your information, not sure if this is a real problem
or if it's worth to write a bugreport.
Unfortunately I wasn't able to reproduce this.

Attached the syslog and screenshot file.



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