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Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3


On 8/23/06, Eugeniy Meshcheryakov <eugeniy.meshcheryakov@googlemail.com> wrote:

23 серпня 2006 о 10:03 +0200 Christian Perrier написав(-ла):
> > I selected Russian key-map during installation, but looks like Russian
> > font was not installed (or properly configured). Therefore, switching to
> > Russian in console via right-Ctrl - (this is another inconveniency -- I
> > hate this way of switching key maps, because I use right-Ctrl for typing
> > Ctrl+<some_key>) - gave me some fancy characters instead of Russian
> > letters on the screen. Also I couldn't read Russian text in UTF-8
> > encoding on console which should be UTF-8 enabled AFAIK.
did you also select Russian locale during installation?

I guess I didn't, if I understood your question correctly. In other
words I used non-localised D-I interface.

Was console-cyrillic configured during installation? It should
ask about switch keys with right-Alt as default (but in installed system
it will be configured with Ctrl-Shift, due to bug).

It was not even installed.


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