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Bug#384248: installation-report: Almost successful Etch installation with di-beta3

clone 384248 -1
reassing -1 localechooser
retitle -1 localechooser: Should not overwrite console-cyrillic configuration

23 серпня 2006 о 10:03 +0200 Christian Perrier написав(-ла):
> > I selected Russian key-map during installation, but looks like Russian 
> > font was not installed (or properly configured). Therefore, switching to 
> > Russian in console via right-Ctrl - (this is another inconveniency -- I 
> > hate this way of switching key maps, because I use right-Ctrl for typing 
> > Ctrl+<some_key>) - gave me some fancy characters instead of Russian 
> > letters on the screen. Also I couldn't read Russian text in UTF-8 
> > encoding on console which should be UTF-8 enabled AFAIK.
did you also select Russian locale during installation? 
Was console-cyrillic configured during installation? It should
ask about switch keys with right-Alt as default (but in installed system
it will be configured with Ctrl-Shift, due to bug).

I tried default installation in Russian (RF) in qemu with network off, and
console-cyrillic was installed. There was also dialogs displayed by
console-cyrillic after tasksel were I was able to select switch keys,
but those choices was later overwritten by localechooser's
finish-install. That was not a problem in earlier versions of d-i
because console-cyrillic was configured in second stage, after
finish-install (or how it was called). But now it is confusing.
localechooser should preseed console-cyrillic or do not try to change
it's configuration at all. This bug is probably reproducible with all
languages that have cyr=... in languagelist (Russian, Belarusian).

> This is on the installed system, right?
> For Russian, console-cyrillic should be installed.
> Unfortunately, we no more have people active in testing Russian in the
> D-I team, with the required knowledge of specificities of the language
> rendering.
> CC'ing Eugenyi Mescheryakov.....can you look at this, eugen?
> > I have various USB devices connected to my PC. Logs about some of them 
> > always appear after "bor login:" prompt. Looks very unprofessional 
> > although I'm used to unexpected Linux kernel messages on the console. 
> This has nothing to do with the installer, I'm afraid. BTW, I also
> don't like Linux kernel messages at the console. Probably something to
> set in syslog stuff, which I never succeeded to find. I agree this is
> pretty annoying.
> > Besides that, backspace key stops working after invalid 
> > username/password combination, and it becomes possible to move the 
> > cursor over the whole screen.
> Nothing to do with the installer. Please investigate it, but this is
> indeed very probably due to non ASCII input in the login. 
> All the remaining does not really belong to the installer and should
> be reported against the relevant packages.....
> > 
> > I heard about 'script' utility before, and wanted to create a log of my 
> > initial system set up, but 'script' killed the log when I ran it the 
> > second time. In other words 'script' should not overwrite default 
> > 'typescript' file, but rather create a backup of already present one. I 
> > understand though that this is not d-i deficiency.
> > 
> > Configuring USB ADSL modem (via eciadsl, for the first time in Linux) 
> > was a real pain for me. I had to reboot back and forth between Windows 
> > with working ADSL Internet connection and fresh installed Debian Etch 
> > without Internet connection to dig for ADSL configuration information 
> > (which turned to be very vague from newcomer's point of view) and 
> > manually download required Debian packages and theirs dependencies. I 
> > believe average non-technical PC users had no chances to overcome this 
> > major obstacle of conecting Debian to the Internet via USB ADSL modem.
> > 
> > /etc/apt/sources.list was not updated with any Debian mirror line, 
> > (presumably due to failed network configuration). So I had to search it 
> > in apt documentation examples, and guess correct domain name of the 
> > nearest mirror.
> > 
> > I wish 'gpm' and 'less' packages were the part of netinst CD.
> > 
> > I wish I could configure console "beep" sound during installation so 
> > that my wife didn't get angry about "beeping" through filesystem at 2am, 
> > and I needn't look for 2 year old notes with magic escape sequnces for 
> > the "beep".

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

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