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Re: Bug#321109: [PATCH] grub-installer password confirmation, debian #321109

On Monday 14 August 2006 05:10, Christian Perrier wrote:
> (BTW, we should fix nextwork-console so that the very similar password
> confirmation prompt is worded similarly)

AFAICT only the short description for password-again is different. Fixed.

The one where I see a real difference is password/empty, which is 
different from user-setup and could be changed.

Template: network-console/password-empty
Type: text
_Description: Password empty
 You seem to have entered an empty remote installation password.
 That is not secure. Please enter a password again.

Template: user-setup/password-empty
Type: error
_Description: Empty password
 You entered an empty password, which is not allowed.
 Please choose a non-empty password.

Feel free to commit changes needed to sync.


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